Air Duct



There is only one way to property clean your air duct system and that's the method of Leo's Service uses to do that, using rotary brushes, strong HEPA (high efficiency particulate air filter) vacuum machine and special air pressure devices. Don't trust companies whose offer their services with low scam rates with hidden charges or companies with no proper equipment to perform such service and both won't do nothing other than take your money, with Leo's Service you can expect a professional service, great rate with real results.Please take a moment to read why you must choose us to clean your air ducts.

Our service is performed under air negative pressure having first all the air supply vents removed  (from wall, ceiling or floor) and plugged off  with a special plastic foam in order to have more air negative pression while our strong HEPA vacuum machine is connected to the metal duct plenum, that's the method NADCA (National Air duct Cleaners Association) mandates that duct cleaning be performed, we use rotary brushes inside metal duct surfaces removing all accumulation of dust, debris an allergents accumulated over the years then special air pressure devices are introduced into vent opening to agitate and dislogde all debris thru the main duct where we create an addittional hole opening to use the rotary brushes an air pressure devices and most important the make sure we are leaving your air ducts clean for return ductwork line is cleaned the same way following same steps thean at the end all access hole are sealed with special sheet metal covers srews to fastened and metal duct plate so there will not be air leaks, those hole must be used for any future air duct cleaning. All areas or work will be vacuumed and a final touch up to ensure that the areas in which we have worked are clean, so there are many reasons why you must choose Leo's Service your local and trusted company for over 10 years serving the washington metropolitan area.