Dryer vent cleaning 


If your dryer takes more than 50 minutes per load you may be at risk of     a dryer fire. There are about 15,000 houses getting fire a year because of dryer vents not being clean out, remember not only lint can clogg your dryer vent exhaust sometimes birds also build up bird nest in there causing serious problems with air flow. If you have just one of these symptoms or many you are in danger and you must clean your dryer vent line ASAP.

 -  Clothes take an unusually long   time to dry.                 

- Outside of dryer is unusually   hot.

-  Dryer lint collegting on the   inside of the dryer door

-  Is there ever a slight burning   smell when drying

-  Water in the transition tube   connecting the dryer

  -  Is lint gathering on the backside of your lint screen

  -  Excessive lint on black clothing    


Dryer vent cleaning is one of the most commonly  neglected household  maintenance in the United States. This service is recommended annually to prevent dryer fires and promote maximum air flow for your dryer to operate safely and efficiently. Dryer vent cleaning reduces drying time; therefore, reducing energy bills and extending the life of your clothes dryer.


Professional dryer vent cleaning is recommended to remove the lint build-up and to be sure the dryer exhaust system meets current safety standards.We have a combined experience of over 10 years, andover 1000 vents have been cleaned by our company with 100% customer satisfaction.