Kitchen hood cleaning services




Leo's Service is the leader in the kitchen exhaust hood cleaning industry in the Washington DC metropolitan area. Kitchen grease build-up presents a serious fire hazard that must be removed with special chemicals, tools and high powered equipment used by experienced technicians. An unclean hood can result in a devastating fire, a regular and proper cleaning schedule can prevent cooking flames from igniting the grease starting a fire. Hood cleaning is not just done for cosmetic purposes, it is also the responsibility of the owner according to NFPA 96 (National Fire Protection Association) and is also in order to satisfy all applicable fire state law, health, and insurance requirements. All our work is 100 % satisfaction guaranteed! In every service performed by Leo's Service you can expect the folling areas to be cleaned:






                                        *  Grease filters 

                                                   *  Kitchen  range hood

                                 *  Ductwork

                                     *  Exhaust  fan




     All Filters will be power washed and all visible grease in the interior of ductwork will be power washed and scrapped.

If necessary, any visible grease on fans will be power washed and scrapped if necessary. The interior and exterior of the kitchen hood is treated, detailed, and polished of  stainless steel exposures. We cover and protect all exposed items in the work area. Upon completion, the service floors are mopped throughout the work area. We leave a kitchen hood sticker showing the date caleaned and the date of the next service cleaning.